Welcome to Premium IT Services, Beirut Lebanon

Since our establishment, we have been delivering high-quality and
sustainable software solutions for corporate business purposes.

Web Development

The software solutions developed by our company have been
numerously appreciated for usability and innovative features.

HR and Payroll

The software solutions developed by our company have been
numerously awarded for usability and innovative features.

Our Services

Windows Applications

We design and develop a variety of applications for Windows including specialized and custom software.

Database Management

Premium IT Services provides top-notch database management solutions for small and medium businesses worldwide.

Data Integration

Our company also develops multipurpose applications for iOS and MacOS systems and devices.

QA & Testing

We pay a lot of attention to QA and Testing procedures to ensure the best quality of our software.

Mobile Applications

Our apps are highly rated by media and our users as they offer great features on all Android devices.

Our Main Products

     HR    &     Payroll       System

  • Core HR
  • Payroll Processing
  • Insurance and NSSF Management
  • Time and Attendance Management

  Invoicing Management  Tool

  • Organize Procurements
    Manage Contracts
  • Manage Invoices & Payments
  • Petty Cash Management

Publication Management Tool

  • Workflow Process
  • Stock Control
  • Printing & Distribution
  • Trophies, Shields & Flags

Why Choose Us

Dedicated 24\7 Support

You can rely on our 24/7 tech support that will gladly solve any app issue you may have.

Highly Performing Products

Our specialists are pleased to develop high quality solutions with full customization in order to meet all the market needs.

High Level of Usability

All our products have high usability allowing users to easily operate them.